Yes, all you delinquents, we're talking to YOU


Is this the year you're *finally* going to start your own business?


We can help! My partner in crime and I wrote Model 47: A Startup Storybook, a memoir/guidebook about the time we helped 46 entrepreneurs start and run profitable businesses. We used these 30 lessons to start our own businesses and think they'll work for you too! 

people are talking about you...


Want to know what they're saying?

Better: want to CONTROL what they're saying? Why don't you try spinning your tale today? I wrote Spin Your Tale using fiction writers techniques to craft a personal brand story for the most important person in your life: YOU! 

You know that "thing" you've been wanting to do?


That thing you haven't told ANYONE about because who the heck are you to even think about it? You're too busy. You have no time. You don't know how to start. Besides, what will people say?

Nothing. They'll say nothing. Because they're busy wondering what YOU'LL say  about their "thing".  Get out of your comfort zone and #DoTheThing TODAY. 

Did you just start your career?


What if you could get mentored by  top leaders at Microsoft, Amazon, Zynga, Facebook, Google and more? Never fear, we got you! Come and say HELLO WORLD today!