Yes, all you delinquents, we're talking to YOU

In the news

Cosmo's Businessperson of the Year Award


I was speechless (for once) to win Cosmopolitan magazine's "Businessperson of the Year" award for my work as an engineer, fashion designer, author and speaker.  What an extraordinary honor! (And yes, this was Imposter Syndrome Central!)

#1 Debut? WUT??


Model 47: A Startup Storybook. My partner-in-chaos, Jeremiah Marble and I wrote a memoir/business book about the 30 lessons we learned while coaching 46 entrepreneurs to start and run profitable businesses which debuted at #1 in the Globalization category recently.  Who are we even?

"Most Productive" hmmm


Fast Company magazine named me as one of their Most Productive People in the world due to my crazy technique of juggling  four jobs. 

Hint: 5-9 am/pm, success partners and timers! 

seattle style maven?


I had a chance to chat with Seattle Magazine about how fashion is the second largest cause of pollution on earth (behind oil!) and how sustainable fashion will soon not be AN option, but the ONLY option. I have a scheme--you in? 

All the jobs are belong to me


I was profiled in Marie Claire when I first started to work on Prima Dona--designing armor for the "AND" person--the multihyphenate who plans to do it all AND have it all. Because why should we live with the tyranny of OR?

How to get your dream Job(s)


I've read Cosmo since I was 16, so it was PRETTY DAMN SURREAL to end up in it talking about how I got my dream life as an engineer, author and fashion designer. SURREAL I SAY!

Insidering all day


After a dozen years of engaging with my customers as a side-hustle, I'm honored to do it FOR A LIVING as the Chief #NinjaCat of the Insider Program at Microsoft.

My mission? The next 5 billion


In which I got on a bit of a tirade with Upworthy about how those of us who have had the privilege of "making it" absolutely must help bring tech to the those who need it most--the next 5 billion.

Co-creating with 16 million people? We call that a Monday


I had a chance to share with Geekwire the Insider program's model of not only creating FOR customers, but rather co-creating WITH them. After all, Jason the blind engineer knows a tiny bit more about voice commands than me, no?

Geek Girl RISEN!


It was an honor to be a "Geek Girl" and share the lessons I've learned about loving the tech industry WHILE being myself with the amazing authors Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens of Geek Girl Rising, this collection of true tales from the tech industry <3

Why are we getting on planes to Nigeria every other month?


...without telling our bosses? I confess all to Share America.

Hint: it involves the most universal language of all and a major power outage